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Fall 2015 Board of Directors Meeting

The Fall 2015 USHPA Board of Directors Meeting will be held October 15-17, 2015, in Austin, TX.

The Agenda and Fall 2015 BOD meeting packet is now available online (in Members Only). For more information read the full article.

Note that the Spring 2016 Board of Directors Meeting will be held March 9-11, 2016 in Golden, CO at the American Mountaineering Center (again - it was a great venue!). Mark your calendars and plan to join us for the meeting and the annual USHPA Awards party (on a Friday, rather than the traditional Saturday night).

USHPA 2015 Free Flight Film Festival

Fall looks like it's becoming Free Flight Film Festival season! Five chapters are already planning showings, with more being scheduled every day. It just takes a few volunteers to get things going: check out the guidelines about setting up an event (Film Festival for Chapters), then contact an officer in your local chapter to get things rolling.

2015 USHPA Free Flight Film Festival has the latest schedule. Don't forget that attending the festival earns you another entry in the Sweet 2015 Sweepstakes.

Tandem Instructors - Compliance Clinics

To help Tandem Instructors find appropriate clinics in order to comply with the new instruction requirement we are posting the ones we hear of on the website: Tandem Instruction Compliance Clinics.

If you are a Tandem Administrator, please send the details of your compliance clinics to programs@ushpa.aero for inclusion on the list. Thanks!

September Magazine Misprint

Due to an editorial error, the September issue of the magazine - Vol 45, Issue 09 - was incorrectly labeled with the month of "August" on the front cover instead of "September". We apologize for any confusion this may cause and wish to assure our readers that Vol 45, Issue 09 is indeed the September 2015 issue and the correct labeling can be found on the spine of the magazine.

USHPA Award Nominations

There is still time to submit a nomination for an USHPA award - the deadline is October 1.

There are many different awards available, recognizing pilots, instructors, landowners, chapters, newsletters, or just people doing something great for our sport.

Check out the complete list: USHPA Award Info or go right to the Award Nomination Form.

Moyes Technical Advisory: Wire Wear Issue

Any Moyes glider using round uprights may be affected by this issue. The upright fitting is subject to damage over time, particularly if an upright is broken or bent.

For more infomation, including additional photographs and service requirements, please refer to the Moyes Technical Advisory: Malibu bottom upright fitting wire wear issue.

Fall 2015 USHPA Board Meeting in Austin, TX

The 2015 Fall USHPA Board Meeting will be held October 15-17, 2015 in Austin, Texas. All members are invited to attend.

A draft agenda will be posted online once available, in the Members Only area. If you are not able to attend in person, please be sure to contact your Regional Director or a Committee Chair to provide feedback on any items of interest or concern.

The General Session and all committee meetings will be held at the Crowne Plaza Austin, located near the intersection of I-35 and Highway 290.

Protect Our Public Lands!

Legislation is in the works to allow many national public lands to be eligible to be transferred to state control. States have a history of then turning around and selling these lands to developers and commercial operations in order to raise money. The result is that the public no longer has access for hiking, biking, camping, and FLYING! Please sign the petition: Protect Our Public Lands Petition.

USHPA has joined the coalition created by Outdoor Alliance. Learn more at Protect Our Public Lands.

Pilots Assist in Nepal

A team from The Cloudbase Foundation and KarmaFlights were in Nepal during the recent earthquake. They marshalled all their resources and made their way to the villages in need to render aid and support. Due to the widespread impact of the quake, they were the first responders and continue to be the primary source of relief for some of the remote villages at the epicenter. For more on their efforts, read News from Nepal. For additional updates from the field, visit the KarmaFlights Facebook page.

They could use YOUR help. Every dollar donated goes directly to supporting those affected by the earthquake in Nepal. Make your donation through The Cloudbase Foundation:
Donate Now

Safety First!

SupAir and the DHV have issued Safety Notices. SupAir harness models Walibi2 and Evasion2 may have too much velcro, resulting in difficulty extracting the reserve parachute. For more information: Walibi2 and Evasion2 Safety Notice. The plastic batten clips on some hang gliders may come open during steeply banked downward turns, resulting in unrecoverable spiral dives. For more information: DHV Spiral Dive Warning

USHPA all over Outside Magazine

The May 2015 issue of Outside Magazine has not one, but TWO articles about USHPA members in action! The 2015 Adventure Issue features Gavin McClurg and Will Gadd's epic vol-biv along the Canadian Rockies in "Paragliding British Columbia" (promoted right on the cover and the top story in the overview). The cover story, "The Secret Life of Guides," includes Hayden Glatte, a top XC pilot based in the Woodrat Mountain area.

Read all about it in Outside Magazine May 2015.

USHPA Sweet 2015 Sweepstakes

Have you heard about the Sweet 2015 Sweepstakes? We have collected lots of excellent prizes, including sweet gear from Ozone and Flytec, our fantastic sponsors. You can increase your odds of winning by answering some questions, visiting USHPA on Facebook, going to a local showing of the USHPA 2015 Free Flight Film Festival, and checking out the Preflight Safety app.

Go to the Sweepstakes page to learn more and Enter the Sweepstakes

Chapter officers should have all received information about how to put on a Film Festival. If you want to help make it happen in your area - contact your local USHPA Chapter to find out more.

SuperFly Paragliders North Wing Support USHPA - use http://smile.amazon.com Flytec